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Nanoblomo day 21 - nursing the sick!

Hello. So posting every day really isn't happening, but never mind.

We have the house of the germy people at the moment. We have all had a nasty cold bug (mine has developed into sinusitis which is really rather unpleasant - my face aches and I feel all toothachey :( ). Stuart got away with just a little bit of snot luckily (hoorah for breastfeeding boosting his little immune system :) ) but he still thought he had man flu ;) Izzy had the cold first, so was on the mend first, but then came down with something else this week. She has had a mega temperature and not eaten much. She is a bit better today, but still not right. We have watched lots of terrible kids films. Surprisingly the barbie movie "princess charm school" is pretty watchable. Not that I would choose to watch it without a small person requesting it, but I have been able to watch it on repeat without wanting to stab my eyes out.

We (me and Stuart) have our 8 week check this afternoon. This will involve the doctor trying to covertly decide if I have PND, checking my stitches and talking to me about contraception (also possibly smear, seeing as I've had a letter telling me to book one, she may as well do it today if there is time.) And for Stuart a weigh-in, check of various bits and bobs and his first injections. poor boy :(

Stuart is doing really well now - loads of proper smiles, he has properly got the hang of them now :) And he slept for 7 hours in 1 go last night! I'm not expecting a repeat performance any time soon, but it was nice to get 6 hours (once i went to bed) in one go for once :) Shame I didn't get very much more after that (1/2 hour maybe!) but never mind!

Oh and the biggest news today - I've lost 3 lb this week. I know this doesn't fit with the plan of loosing 1 lb a week, but I am putting it down to just being "beginners luck" - you tend to loose more for the first few weeks while you settle into it. If I keep loosing that much I might have to eat a few more biscuits (it's a hard life!) but we will see!



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22nd Nov, 2012 17:03 (UTC)
There seem to be some very nasty colds going around at the moment; up here, we've all been passing around a particularly-annoying flu bug that keeps boomeranging on you just whenever you start to get better.

I hope your colds don't last too much longer!
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