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Hello! Happy Christmas everyone :) Hadn't posted ofr a few weeks, so time for an update. The family Tyson have had a lovely few days over christmas, but are all a bit tired from all the over-excitement and late nights. Today we have mostly had a pottering around at home and eating leftovers kind of day, which has been just what we needed. Father Christmas brought us all lots of exciting new toys, and we are busy trying them all out :)

Stuart is growing loads and is now very smiley. No idea what he weighs, but he is making my arms tired sp he must be growing! We have the beginnings of hand-eye co-ordination, which is nice to see - the next step will be working out how to pick up toys and put them into his mouth! I've officially lost track of how many weeks old he is now but he was 3 months old on boxing day so that does the trick.

Izzy is getting a bit more calm around her brother now (finally!) which makes life a bit easier. We have her birthday party all booked which is fab as we still have something to look forward to after christmas. She is really looking forward to it. The fact she is nearly 4 seems like madness, but never mind. She is great fun and her imagination is in overdrive at the moment.

I also have a thing to look forward to - seeing as stuart will take a bottle I'm off to my work christmas do just after new year (the joy of being busy in december = it ends up being in January. It starts at 2:30, so I can go along for the daft teambuilding games and food then leave in time to sort out bedtime at home. (I will be driving so not feel like disco-divaing this year and I think being gone for 6 hours is enough for a first run!) It will be a few more months before I want to leave anyone else to do bedtime I think, but we will see.

Weight-watching is going well... no idea what damage I have done over christmas but I'm trying to be good the rest of the week (other than NYE) and will find out on 2nd Jan how I've got on. I'm hoping a few days of being good will make up for some of the naughtiness!

Forthcoming posts for the next few days:

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