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All Change

So... change of plan. We have re-assessed finances now that Richard is redundant from his second job (did I tell you about that? - I no longer have my 2-3 evenings a week where I get to have the tv off!) and have decided we are better off stopping here for another few years. We will save up/pay as much extra mortgage as we can in that time, so we will be in a better position to move in the future, but at least this way any extra payments are voluntary and we have some flexibility in case of car problems/washingmachine explosion/whatever. We don't want to put ourselves in a position where we are so tight for money we have to seriously think if we can afford to take the kids swimming or whatever.

I have therefore gone ahead and done the school application - have put the school local to here as first choice and put the next closest (very oversubscribed church school in town which we have no hope of getting into). Didn't put a third choice down, as all the other options are as inconvenient as each other really, and fingers crossed she will get into the local one. But we don't find out till (I think) 15th April, which is a crazy long wait. At which point I can start applying for new jobs. Eep!

Staying here has therefore put mad-planning brain into action in terms of what we need to do/change to make living here more sensible. I have been not doing some organising jobs on the basis that we will have more space to expand into soon, so now that isn't going to be the case I need to get on with them. And we need to do something about our horrible bathroom. And I want to start eating at the table with the kids for at least some mealtimes (definitley by the time Stuart is starting on solids) which nececitates a table which can easily be used every day. Want to have a "sofa is only for toast/sarnies" rule, at least when we are eating with the kids. I bet I will be overruled by Richard but still, we can but try! I haven't got much further than idly plotting things, and looking on ikea/ebay, but will start getting practical stuff done over the next few weeks. I am hindered by the fact Richard has done his back in and can't help with anything. (and is also so grumpy with his back, understandably, that I can't even leave him to supervise kids without exploding at them!)

  • clean mould bits in bedroom
  • clear out under our bed (need to clear up the junk on Richrds side of the bed first - don't think he will be up to doing this himself in the next few weeks :()
  • move toddler duvets to under our bed. Move blankets to ~somewhere~ (they can go in the ottoman which will go back into our room once Stuart moves to the cot in Izzy's room but they will have to be stashed in a corner for now - sewing stuff that was in the ottoman will just have to stay in the garage)
  • this will free up toybox for actually keeping toys in. Sort out toys - put any Izzy has grown out of into garage for now - can get them back out when Stuart grows into them!
  • find a more sensible table & chairs (sniper is set to bid on one on ebay later today. Fingers crossed!)
  • get rid of printer that no longer works. Move router etc to windowsill. Move mini table these were on to garage like the squirel I am.
  • possible slight re-arrangement of other furniture to fit new table in
  • buy high chair and booster seat
  • buy and fit lino or something for bathroom floor
  • put up washing line thingy over bath
  • paint bathroom
  • sand and paint windowsil in living room
  • collapse in a heap (I think this list will not be completed in much of a hurry!)

also research:

  • kids savings accounts
  • mortgages (our fixed rate runs out in april, so we need to work out what is next

    Other than that life continues as normal. It is great to be back to the normal routine after christmas, and I need to get some play dates organised. Weight watching is going well. Izzy is mega excited about her birthday party at the weekend - I'm going to make a pirate ship birthday cake, which is a little bit scary. I've never done anything like it before, and I'm not sure where to start. But the internet is my friend!


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10th Jan, 2013 20:59 (UTC)
Sorry to hear bout Richard's job, i'm prob out of mine end of the month, but hopefully that lets me get something else thats more solid, we need to look at getting a bigger place for making future plans in.

Schools !!

10th Jan, 2013 21:29 (UTC)
I know. School. Madness!

At least it was just a second job, so extra pennies for ~stuff~ rather than the money we were relying on to eat. But still. I'm really noticing the lack of evenings that I don't get to do my own thing rather than the lack of money. In theory I should also be appreciating the less tired and grumpy husband, but sadly seeing as he has done his back in it hasn't worked that way ;)

Future plans sound exciting. Do they involve flying cars?
12th Jan, 2013 09:10 (UTC)
check out Nationwide Junior ISA...it's about the best/highest rate I think you'll find at the moment for Stuart (Izzy's not eligible as she got a CTF voucher).
12th Jan, 2013 16:59 (UTC)
Fab, I shall do so. I need to find an instant one for Stuart (to put birthday/christmas money in so we can spend it in due course rather than straight away) and I want to set up a regular savings account for each of them to. Even if we put in £10 a month it will add up to help them with driving lessons/uni/whatever when they get that far..
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