things we want for christmas/birthday

This post is not a hint to anyone here, it is more for my own benefit, so I can add things here when I think of them, and remember when family ask. But if anyone is wondering, I prefer dark chocolate and pink wine ;) Oh, and I'm allergic to soap/bubble bath etc, so it's easier to avoid smellies!

I've stopped keeping a list here, instead we are at: (me) (Richard) (Izzy)

(there is also a list of house stuff there, but I haven't made a url for it!)

Is there anyone out there?

Not posted on here in ages... I have been reading. But writing requires inspiration. And having more than 30 seconds at a time to sit down and think of stuff. Facebook lends itself to short, superficial "yay, I have cider/managed to put Izzy's hair in a french plait like a proper mummy/boo, it is raining" type posts that take no time. For LJ I feel like I have to actually have something to say. And this doesn't happen often.

So where are we now?

Izzy has strted school - had her first full time day (wasn't meant to be till next week but she was enjoying it so much she wanted to stay all day!) today and didn't come home an exhausted wreck. She seems to be having lots of fun, but is a bit vague on the details. There was definitely painting yesterday. And she keeps getting stickers for tidying up and listening, so I'm clearly doing something wrong at home ;)

The lay of the land has changed somewhat here... the world has conspired against us and the plan is different for now. The day i asked to go part time (a little while before I went back to work from maternity leave) Richard got told he was being made redundant. So swift change of plan.... Instead I went back to work full time, but with strategic use of my holiday (you accrue bank holidays while on mat leave, so on top of my contractual holiday for the year I had some extra) I could take every thursday and friday off until I ran out of holiday. Plus 2 weeks to settle Izzy into school would have taken me a week into October with 2 days left over for emergencies.

He was getting big redundancy pay out so we can live off that for a while. (a years net pay basically... so we can make that last for longer if I'm working full time...) and he will be doing a bit of bar work etc to keep himself busy while he looks for sonething else. Then when he finds something else I will ask to go part time again. But working on the assumption that that could take a good few months so I may as well work full time so we can survive longer if we need to. (much as it breaks my heart to do so).

But may as well look out for work closer to home on the offchance something comes up that is more convenient. (plus returning to work I discovered an even more toxic environment than the one I left.... so leaving was extra apealing). Got as far as updating my cv and bunging it on a few websites when an agency called me with a payroll implementation job in Salisbury - no closer to home but lots more money, and a big step up for me. I had an interview there a while back and was unsuccessful but why not? May as well give it a try. In true "it will happen when the time is right" I had my interview at 4:30pm on the Friday afternoon and had a call from the agency by 10am on Monday morning offering me the job. So there we go. Off to a new job on the 30th September.

I'm looking forward to starting, but also feeling :( about working full time and not being here for the kids. It is much easier knowing Richard will be here to look after them (with a bit of help from MIL/my mum!) so long as I put aside my control-freak worries that he won't "do it right". Keep reminding myself that providing a roof and food is an important part of being a parent. I'm trying to tackle sleep while I'm off - we were still getting 4-5 wake ups each night from Stuart, with him needing feeding back to sleep each time. Really need to knock that on the head if I'm not going to get any naps.

But it will be fine when I get there. Have been feeling in limbo for the past few weeks... knowing change is coming, both with Izzy's new school, and my new job, and Richard's lack thereof - lots of change at once and new routines all round. Another month and we will be settled down and know what we are doing. There are plans afoot involving having tea on the table ready when I get home. Watch this space ;0)

meme nicked from Jaine

'My job in Up-Goer-Five'. Apparently this is where you describe your job using only the 1000 most common words. I have the job I'm on maternity leave from:

make the money right and make people understand it

also at the moment:

children want everything. house somewhat out of order.

So there you go.

All Change

So... change of plan. We have re-assessed finances now that Richard is redundant from his second job (did I tell you about that? - I no longer have my 2-3 evenings a week where I get to have the tv off!) and have decided we are better off stopping here for another few years. We will save up/pay as much extra mortgage as we can in that time, so we will be in a better position to move in the future, but at least this way any extra payments are voluntary and we have some flexibility in case of car problems/washingmachine explosion/whatever. We don't want to put ourselves in a position where we are so tight for money we have to seriously think if we can afford to take the kids swimming or whatever.

I have therefore gone ahead and done the school application - have put the school local to here as first choice and put the next closest (very oversubscribed church school in town which we have no hope of getting into). Didn't put a third choice down, as all the other options are as inconvenient as each other really, and fingers crossed she will get into the local one. But we don't find out till (I think) 15th April, which is a crazy long wait. At which point I can start applying for new jobs. Eep!

Staying here has therefore put mad-planning brain into action in terms of what we need to do/change to make living here more sensible. I have been not doing some organising jobs on the basis that we will have more space to expand into soon, so now that isn't going to be the case I need to get on with them. And we need to do something about our horrible bathroom. And I want to start eating at the table with the kids for at least some mealtimes (definitley by the time Stuart is starting on solids) which nececitates a table which can easily be used every day. Want to have a "sofa is only for toast/sarnies" rule, at least when we are eating with the kids. I bet I will be overruled by Richard but still, we can but try! I haven't got much further than idly plotting things, and looking on ikea/ebay, but will start getting practical stuff done over the next few weeks. I am hindered by the fact Richard has done his back in and can't help with anything. (and is also so grumpy with his back, understandably, that I can't even leave him to supervise kids without exploding at them!)

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Other than that life continues as normal. It is great to be back to the normal routine after christmas, and I need to get some play dates organised. Weight watching is going well. Izzy is mega excited about her birthday party at the weekend - I'm going to make a pirate ship birthday cake, which is a little bit scary. I've never done anything like it before, and I'm not sure where to start. But the internet is my friend!

Oooh shiny!

I have a new widget with which to post from my phone. I will try to restrain myself from middle-of-the-night-while-feeding posts though. 3am is not an eloquent time of night unless I have a) gin and b) not gone to bed yet. (a jury of wise individuals may disagree even with those circumstances. )

2013 - resolutions!

LJ is down, so I'm typing this in notepad with the intention of copying and pasting when I can. I don't know if that will mean terrible things happen with formatting. We will see.

I'm not including anything from my previous post in the list here. I know "finding a new job" is a common new years resolution, but I want my resolutions this year to be things I have control over - it is all down to me (barring anything particularly dramatic happening). I will of course be applying for jobs/doing what I can to get the flat sold/whatever. But those things are all subject to many other variables and so don't belong on this list.

less bloody cbeebies
We have got into a habit of having the tv on whenever we are home. Need to put a stop on this one, or I will have a little girl who can't function without having the tv on like her Dad. It will mean a horrible few days while Izzy gets used to the idea, but I am in charge damnit! I don't mind an hour or so in the morning while I wake up enough to face the day. And at the end of the day the tv is kind of part of the bedtime routine (we go off to read stories and generally get ready for bed after the Simpsons finishes!). But during the rest of the day we really don't need it on - it only detracts from the playing!

make better use of the days Izzy is at nursery
At the moment I nap when I get the chance, do some housework/erands and kind of collapse on the sofa in a daze the rest of the time. I still need to do the napping bit, and the housework, but I want to also spend a bit more quality time with Stuart while he has me to himself - he spends a lot of time watching me tidy up at the moment! I'm going to start off with going to a group on a Monday morning with him and I will see if there is anything else I can think of to add in as we go along. Although I do think it is important for me to relax on these days - the rest of the week is so chaotic and I'm a better mum if I get some down time!

carry on weight watching
I want to be at my target weight (9 and a half stone) by the time I go back to work. I will reasess at that point - I might carry on for a bit longer and see if I can get to 9, but it depends how easy I am finding it at that stage. My target weight is exactly in the middle of what is healthy for my height, and I will be happy with that. I am finding it very easy to loose weight at the moment (give or take any terrible occurances over Christmas - I've not weighed since before christmas - due to weigh again tomorrow morning. But putting on weight at Christmas is fine. It is what you do the rest of the year that matters!) At the moment WW is helping me to control my enourmous hunger caused by feeding Stuart, so that I'm eating the right stuff. The hard bit will begin in a few months time when we start him on solids. I will have to reduce the amount I'm eating slowly as he reduces the amount of milk he is having. I'm hoping that my appetitie will decrease slowly too, but it is all too easy to keep eating massive amounts out of habit as I learned to my cost last time.

exercise more
I want to start going swimming once a week again when Stuart is a bit bigger. For now I just want to fit in a bit more walking. Hard to do with Izzy because her little legs can't take her very far/fast, but I can go a bit further on her nursery days. And I want to walk places a bit more with her - I'm pretty sure was walking into town and back and stuff when I was her age. Not that it will happen overnight, but we can both build up gradually.

knit something that isn't a rectangle.
I can knitt a whole row and pearl a whole row. Increasing/decreasing/any other fancy patters are a bit scary and I've no idea how to read a pattern. But my ambition for this year is to knitt something that isn't a scarf or a blanket. Or at least if it is a scarf or a blanket, requires me to learn some new stuff to complete it. I have bought myself a knitting for dummies book and am ready for this challenge. I found a pattern for a jumper I wanted to knitt and bought the wool and it has been sitting in the cupboard for at least 3 years (actually, I think it might have been before Izzy was born... and she is 4 next week!) so I would like to attempt that by the end of the year, but I might do something slightly less ambitious first. We will see!

"money neutral" Christmas and birthday presents all year
I managed to pay for pretty much all the christmas presents by making good use of swagbucks and a few other survey sites. This year I'm going to aim for covering birthday presents too. Also am going to put any cash I earn from quidco/whatever into savings, so that can be used to pay for extra christmas food/socialising expenses if we need it. (If not it can stay in savings till we need it for something else. Which is good too!) This might sound a cheap way of giving people presents, but these sites definitely don't pay minimum wage let alone the amount I earn at work. They are just a better use of time I would have otherwise spent sitting on the sofa pratting around on the internet/a computer game.

2013 - exciting changes afoot

Much as it has been exciting, 2012 has been mostly spent being too pregnant to do much. Or having a newborn baby and being nackered s not feeling like doing much. 2013 will be a bit more filled with things. and stuff.

We have a weekend away in the Isle of Wight in April
We are going on holiday to Dawlish for a week in June
We have one wedding booked up already
Izzy is starting school in September
I will be looking for a new job
Hopefuly moving house if it all falls into place

Also lots of less big, but still very impactful stuff like teeth and learning to roll/crawl/walk for Stuart. And the continued blossoming of the imagination from Izzy, and the beginnings of learning to read and what not :)

And more of the same - allotment and toddler groups and knitting and computer games and fitting back into my clothes and swagbucks to pay for birthday/christmas presents!

It is going to be busy busy and be lots of fun and I'm looking forward to it :)

(no subject)

Hello! Happy Christmas everyone :) Hadn't posted ofr a few weeks, so time for an update. The family Tyson have had a lovely few days over christmas, but are all a bit tired from all the over-excitement and late nights. Today we have mostly had a pottering around at home and eating leftovers kind of day, which has been just what we needed. Father Christmas brought us all lots of exciting new toys, and we are busy trying them all out :)

Stuart is growing loads and is now very smiley. No idea what he weighs, but he is making my arms tired sp he must be growing! We have the beginnings of hand-eye co-ordination, which is nice to see - the next step will be working out how to pick up toys and put them into his mouth! I've officially lost track of how many weeks old he is now but he was 3 months old on boxing day so that does the trick.

Izzy is getting a bit more calm around her brother now (finally!) which makes life a bit easier. We have her birthday party all booked which is fab as we still have something to look forward to after christmas. She is really looking forward to it. The fact she is nearly 4 seems like madness, but never mind. She is great fun and her imagination is in overdrive at the moment.

I also have a thing to look forward to - seeing as stuart will take a bottle I'm off to my work christmas do just after new year (the joy of being busy in december = it ends up being in January. It starts at 2:30, so I can go along for the daft teambuilding games and food then leave in time to sort out bedtime at home. (I will be driving so not feel like disco-divaing this year and I think being gone for 6 hours is enough for a first run!) It will be a few more months before I want to leave anyone else to do bedtime I think, but we will see.

Weight-watching is going well... no idea what damage I have done over christmas but I'm trying to be good the rest of the week (other than NYE) and will find out on 2nd Jan how I've got on. I'm hoping a few days of being good will make up for some of the naughtiness!

Forthcoming posts for the next few days:

2013 - exciting changes afoot
2013 - resolutions

There may be some overlap between the two!

Nanoblomo day 21 - nursing the sick!

Hello. So posting every day really isn't happening, but never mind.

We have the house of the germy people at the moment. We have all had a nasty cold bug (mine has developed into sinusitis which is really rather unpleasant - my face aches and I feel all toothachey :( ). Stuart got away with just a little bit of snot luckily (hoorah for breastfeeding boosting his little immune system :) ) but he still thought he had man flu ;) Izzy had the cold first, so was on the mend first, but then came down with something else this week. She has had a mega temperature and not eaten much. She is a bit better today, but still not right. We have watched lots of terrible kids films. Surprisingly the barbie movie "princess charm school" is pretty watchable. Not that I would choose to watch it without a small person requesting it, but I have been able to watch it on repeat without wanting to stab my eyes out.

We (me and Stuart) have our 8 week check this afternoon. This will involve the doctor trying to covertly decide if I have PND, checking my stitches and talking to me about contraception (also possibly smear, seeing as I've had a letter telling me to book one, she may as well do it today if there is time.) And for Stuart a weigh-in, check of various bits and bobs and his first injections. poor boy :(

Stuart is doing really well now - loads of proper smiles, he has properly got the hang of them now :) And he slept for 7 hours in 1 go last night! I'm not expecting a repeat performance any time soon, but it was nice to get 6 hours (once i went to bed) in one go for once :) Shame I didn't get very much more after that (1/2 hour maybe!) but never mind!

Oh and the biggest news today - I've lost 3 lb this week. I know this doesn't fit with the plan of loosing 1 lb a week, but I am putting it down to just being "beginners luck" - you tend to loose more for the first few weeks while you settle into it. If I keep loosing that much I might have to eat a few more biscuits (it's a hard life!) but we will see!