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2013 - exciting changes afoot

Much as it has been exciting, 2012 has been mostly spent being too pregnant to do much. Or having a newborn baby and being nackered s not feeling like doing much. 2013 will be a bit more filled with things. and stuff.

We have a weekend away in the Isle of Wight in April
We are going on holiday to Dawlish for a week in June
We have one wedding booked up already
Izzy is starting school in September
I will be looking for a new job
Hopefuly moving house if it all falls into place

Also lots of less big, but still very impactful stuff like teeth and learning to roll/crawl/walk for Stuart. And the continued blossoming of the imagination from Izzy, and the beginnings of learning to read and what not :)

And more of the same - allotment and toddler groups and knitting and computer games and fitting back into my clothes and swagbucks to pay for birthday/christmas presents!

It is going to be busy busy and be lots of fun and I'm looking forward to it :)